Say Good Bye to London and Say Hello to Japan★

Hi, everyone:)

Today is so cold...

By the way, I came back to Japan 3 months ago.
It was crazy humid and hot temperature at that time
It was killing me...
I couldn't even breath...haha

But one of my happiest thing was seeing my dearest friends♡
I had a lovely dinner with toshimi, a hairdresser, in Kobe.
She is a so powerful, energetic and funny girl.

When I talk to her, I feel really comfy:)
In other words, we have similar character though.

I miss Summer sooo much!

I'm so happy to see my family and my old friends and enjoy Japanese meal...haha
Here is my home.
But I know I love London so much as if I'm ardently in love someone.
I wish I could go back there as soon as tomorrow.

I should go back to London soon or late.
The only thing to do for the me now is just working hard and keep trying! Xxx

goooood day<3<3

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